GR Mouthpieces

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m now endorsing GR Technologies mouthpieces. A few months back, I visited Gary’s shop in Wisconsin. I initially planned to make the appointment to see him on a Friday (since I had a concert on Saturday in Chicago). But when I told him about the concert he said, “no one should be trying out new equipment the day before a gig – come see me on Sunday”. I was thrilled, never thinking anyone would open up their shop on a Sunday for a trumpet geek! So I came up on Sunday morning.

Gary spent over 7 hours straight with me. No food, no break…he was 100% invested in setting me up with the correct mouthpiece. His attention to detail is unlike anything I had ever seen. Through a series of playing tests and much trial and error, he came up with something that felt perfect to play on. GR is a superb craftsman.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to having the entire signature series available through this site.

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